The Founders
HomeSmartReports was founded to serve consumers and the real estate industry in the home transaction market. The founders are uniquely qualified to provide this service to the consumers, having brought industry leading information services to the real estate and mortgage industries for over 25 years. “We want consumers to have equal access to essential decision-support information We also want to help real estate brokers/agents in the education of their buyers and sellers. There is a lot to know about the real estate transaction process and the intricacies of homeownership.

Michael Ela was formerly president of C&S; Valuation Technologies, Inc and also president of DataQuick Information Systems, covering a 15-year period with over 25 years in the real estate information business. He helped architect the U.S.’s first national online property database.

The founders have clearly seen the consumers’ need for access to better information in the home buying and home selling process. HomeSmartReports will bring relevant, unabridged data to consumers and real estate professionals through the efforts of HomeSmartReports. This will allow consumers to make well-considered real estate decisions in one of their most important financial undertakings ever.

Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge
At HomeSmartReports we are dedicated to increasing the knowledge of Home Buyers and Home Owners about real estate transactions, home values and area risk factors that can affect property values. Understanding property valuation and area risk factors are essential when trying to make the right real estate decision.

In the real estate business it has long been said that home value is determined by three things: “location, location and location”. In a real estate transaction your opportunity to have the edge during the home price negotiation is based on “Knowledge, Knowledge and Knowledge”. HomeSmart wants to help you attain that Knowledge, independent of other sources wanting a commission or to sell your name.

For most people a decision to buy or sell real estate involves them in the largest financial transaction of their lives and they want to get it right. Quality information is essential in that process and HomeSmartReports has it. HomeSmartReports provides consumers with inexpensive, independent “third party” input as to their home value, and also other “area risks” that may exist.

HomeSmartReports endorses the use of real estate professionals in home purchase transactions because they have daily involvement in the business. However, independent third party confirmation of home values using HomeSmartReports will give you added assurance that a home is “right priced” for the transaction.

Home Evaluation
Home evaluation involves a great deal of science. The science of mathematics and statistics has been applied to valuing homes for nearly 20 years. It is remarkably accurate and has been used by lenders for years and years. Lenders believe in this technology. HomeSmart now brings that science to you, and it is called Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM). You pay a moderate fee for the information with no “strings” attached. We don’t require your name, email, phone number, address, nor do we interrogate you about your real estate plans like other websites. It’s value for value at HomeSmartReports.

The HomeSmart Report
The HomeSmart Report tool is an area “risk” survey. Knowing home value is not enough! You need to know the area, the history of the property, local market trends, foreclosure rates, area value “influencers”, and more to support the value of a home. The HomeSmart Report will tell you if more home value research is warranted. Buying or selling a home is a BIG DEAL, so make it your business to know what’s going on in the area. It’s small price to pay for peace of mind in the stress of a real estate transaction.

In addition to home value and area risk information, we help you conduct your home search efficiently. Enter up to six addresses and the corresponding home values and we will tell you the most efficient driving route…for free! You save time, you’ll reduce stress, and you will save gas money. In HomeSmart’s eyes, it’s all about YOU, the homebuyer and homeowner.Take greater control of the knowledge you need to be an active, knowledgeable participant in the outcome of your home transaction.

You Have The Option!
Nearly every consumer web site today interrogates you for your name, phone number, contact information and other valuable data because they intend to sell your name. That’s because they sell it again and again. If you don’t supply it, you get very little value. At HomeSmartReports it is your option. If you choose to provide it we are tied to a network of real estate professionals and mortgage lenders who can make your transaction easier. We can also contact you in the future about home pricing trends in your area.

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