Whats The Value Of My Home

How can you make sure you don’t get taken advantage of when you sell your home? This is a question most homeowners ask themselves, and the answer is simple: don’t assume you know more than you do. Ask for help from experienced professionals and get as much information as possible on your own.

Think Smart
The process of selling your home can be complex and fraught with emotion and confusion. One of the best ways you can protect yourself and streamline the process is by listing your home with a real estate agent. Your agent will handle a lot of the headaches associated with property shows, open houses and a wide variety of paperwork. Additionally, your agent will pick up the cost of marketing expenses, and this alone may save you what you will pay the agent in commission-based fees.

Another way you can protect yourself is by having as much objective, high-quality information as possible. This website provides a wealth of information about buying and selling homes, so we encourage you to bookmark our site and refer to us often for helpful advice and information.

In addition to general homeowner and seller info, you need specific information about the value of your home, in order to make educated decisions prior to and during negotiations. The HomeSmart Value Report provides information beyond what your real estate agent can gather for you by providing an actual value estimate of the property that interests you. This detailed and comprehensive report uses the same statistical analysis models that mortgage lenders have used for years. Protect yourself by obtaining as much information as possible, and order your HomeSmart Value Report today.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 6:58 am
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