Selling Home By Owner

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is not entirely safe. It’s important to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary risks by taking appropriate precautions. The fact is that some unscrupulous people are always looking for ways to take advantage of trusting, unsuspecting victims.

If you choose to sell your home “by owner,” please be very careful about who you allow inside your home. You may want to consider showing your home to qualified buyers only, and have another person present while you show the property. Above all, trust your instincts and end a tour immediately if you believe you are at any risk.

Is It Worth It?
If you’re considering whether or not to list your home for sale by owner, ask yourself whether the savings in commission is really worth the variety of risks you will assume. Additionally, consider the time and effort you will put into open houses and property showings. Finally, when you consider the marketing expenses, which the real estate agent would otherwise take care of, it just might make sense to proceed with hiring a realtor. It is clearly your choice, but consider the many scenarios that can unfold and whether you are prepared to deal with them.

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Updated: December 20, 2017 — 6:47 am
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