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When shopping to find a home, it’s a good idea to make a list of must-have features and would-like-to-have features. It simply makes sense to know what you’re looking for before going out in search of it. If you choose to use a real estate agent, your checklist of features will assist your agent in narrowing down the list of available houses, so that he only shows you the houses that meet your needs.

Must-have features include any specifications of the property that you would be unable to do without. It’s important to separate needs from desires. For example, if you have active children, a large yard may be essential for you, but you may want to have an extra room to designate a playroom. A person with a bad hip may need a one-story house with no steps, for example, but may be willing to have a covered carport instead of a garage. Trade-offs are often a big part of finding the home that is right for you.

Price vs. Value
Price will very likely be included on both lists, as you will probably have a maximum price limit as well as a preferred price. Your agent will want to show you homes within that price range, because the agent knows that list prices are almost always negotiable to some degree. However, it’s important to remember the difference between price and value.

People always want to buy something they perceive as a value. When shopping for a home, the area prices are often evident, but how can you determine a specific home value? At only $24.95, you can afford to receive our HomeSmart Value Report for any piece of real estate that you are seriously considering purchasing. This objective, comprehensive report is available in less than one minute and includes the same calculations used by mortgage lenders to manage their risks. They manage and understand their risks, so why shouldn’t you? Our HomeSmart Value Report is an excellent and cost-effective way to ensure that you’re getting a good value on one of the biggest purchases you will make during your entire lifetime.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 6:46 am
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