Appraised Home Values

Whether you’re buying your first home or your tenth, the process involved in purchasing real estate can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Part of this process includes obtaining and understanding estimated home values whether done by an appraiser or through other means. The appraisal process is typically not begun until a home has been selected for your “final” consideration and an agreement negotiated, mainly because an appraisal can cost approximately $300-400 or more, per home.

Because the appraisal typically occurs shortly after the signing of a contract, this can sometimes lead to some disappointment on the part of both buyer and seller the value is higher or lower than what was agreed to between the parties. Buyers may have their heart set on a particular home, only to find that it appraised well below what they were intending to pay and so they have second thoughts. If the sellers can’t afford to lower the price of the home, it will likely be “no deal”. On the other hand, sellers may be disappointed to learn that they could have asked more for their home, after it appraises at a higher value. So, the more you know about area values going in, the more likely your offer, or asking price, will be in range of the market.

Know before You Act
Before you invest extensive amounts of time and energy in a home, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing you’re not paying more than the home is worth? Likewise, if you’re selling your home, wouldn’t you want to know you’re asking the best possible price that a reasonable buyer would pay? When it comes to these questions, HomeSmart reports can assist you in a fast, affordable manner.

At the reasonable rate of only $24.95, HomeSmart Reports can provide you with the information you need, in less than one minute. The HomeSmart Value Report pairs mathematical and statistical models with an analysis of the surrounding area to quickly and objectively provide you with the value of a specific home. Order online today.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 6:45 am
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