Market Value Of Home

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, market value is important to understand as it has a profound impact on pricing. Sellers often want to list homes slightly higher than the amount that they are willing to settle for, in order to allow for some negotiation room. However, savvy buyers may completely disregard a listing with a price too high for the market value of the surrounding area.

Choosing the right listing price requires information from an objective vantage point. Information will play a major role, but with so many subtle factors influencing market value, how can the average homebuyer or seller best determine the market value of a particular home? HomeSmart Reports provides two comprehensive, easy-to-understand and inexpensive reports to assist you in answering this important question.

Making an Educated Assessment of Market Value
First, the HomeSmart Value Report provides a fast and accurate home valuation based on mathematical and statistical calculations and market area analysis. By using a HomeSmart Value Report, you will have a completely objective and highly accurate market value to assist you in determining your list price range. The HomeSmart Value Report provides you with the same type of information that has been used by mortgage brokers and lenders for years. While the statistical models used to create these reports are lengthy and complex, you won’t need advanced training to understand these effective, easy-to-use reports. View a sample report online and see just how much we can simplify your understanding of the home evaluation process.

Second, the HomeSmart Report provides extensive information for the homebuyer. For only $6.95, you will receive a comprehensive area analysis including area risks, foreclosure risks, and sales activity for this home and homes in the surrounding area. Fluctuations in pricing and site influencing factors will add more to your knowledge and understanding about and area. Order online today and let HomeSmart assist you in buying and selling with confidence. It’s your decision and it’s a big decision, so be prepared.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 5:02 am
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