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The home buying process may seem overwhelming, but an experienced real estate agent can help you sort through all the details, allowing you a more pleasant and enjoyable journey into your new home. After you’ve made a list of all your wants and needs, your agent will provide you with lists of properties that meet your predetermined specifications. You can then peruse these on paper or online and choose the ones you’d like to tour.

Free Driving Route
If you choose to do your own drive-by property tours, please take advantage of our free HomeSearch Report. This easy-to-use report will instantly provide you with an optimized driving route to the properties you enter into our online form. With the rising costs of fuel, we hope you’ll appreciate this helpful service.

While touring homes inside and out, you may find one or two that you feel strongly enough about to begin negotiating. By this point, you should have already determined the maximum price you are willing and able to pay for any home. During negotiations, it’s important to know the value and market risks associated with any homes you are seriously considering buying.

Currently, the only way to discover concrete information about area risks is by purchasing our unique-to-the-market HomeSmart Report for $6.95. The benefits of this simple and instant report far outweigh its small price tag. By far, the best home value report you can buy is our HomeSmart Value Report to further substantiate the home’s value. Buying a home is a major purchase that requires accurate information and careful consideration, and our reports provide you with valuable data to assist you in making smart decisions. These reports will help you verify the value of the home in your mind, or perhaps keep you from making a mistake in a very large financial transaction.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 5:01 am
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