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Selling a home is a process too often influenced by emotional attachments. Simply looking around your home may evoke strong feelings, powerful memories and a sense of pride as you note your own personal touches. However, if you’re selling your home, it’s important to remember that the buyer will be viewing your home without any past emotional attachments in mind.

If you can temporarily set your emotions aside, being present while potential buyers tour your home is a wonderful way to gain a fresh perspective on your home. Listen carefully for any comments that may have merit, as well as any comments that seem to be repeated by different prospects. You may be able to add small, simple touches before the next visit that would enhance your next viewer’s impression of the house. Whatever you do, don’t get upset. When you choose to sell, you should treat your house as an investment vehicle to get you to the next step. Be objective and unemotional about the things that will help you sell it. Buyer feedback is important in this quest.

Impressing Buyers
It’s amazing how little details like fresh flowers or scented candles can create a positive impression with potential buyers. Some real estate agents have been known to recommend baking bread or cookies just before a potential buyer appointment, as these scents tend to stir up pleasant memories or moods for many people. This further proves the point that, even on the buyers’ side, emotion is par for the course in any home transaction.

Perhaps the most important part of the home selling process is valuation. In this process, it’s particularly key to separate emotion from the statistical, comparative analysis required to appropriately value your home. You may adore your real estate agent, but it doesn’t mean you have to entirely take her word for what your home is really worth. The fact is, she is only privy to one part of the equation, and you need all the facts. Our HomeSmart Value Report is an essential and inexpensive way to get an accurate valuation for your home. Don’t you deserve to sell your home for the highest possible price? HomeSmart Reports believes you should get fair value for your home.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 4:58 am
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