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From time to time, you may encounter a prospective homebuyer who is downright blunt about their distaste for your decorating choices. This potential buyer could be seriously interested in your house, and is simply voicing concerns or pointing out areas that he will change if he becomes the new owner. As difficult as it may sound, try to remain objective while hearing these comments, and consider whether the remarks have value.

Try to think back to when you first looked at the property, before you purchased your current home. You probably immediately noticed at least a few things that you’d like to change. Keep this in mind when dealing with prospective buyers, as they are in the process of doing the same thing you did. “Put the buyer’s hat on” and it will help you be more objective.

Use Visitor Comments to Your Advantage
Occasionally, you may hear comments that need to be addressed before anyone new views the home. Pet odors, dirt or grime on the floors, walls or appliances, and an unkempt lawn are turnoffs that can be easily fixed with a little time and effort. First impressions are extremely important, so listen up and you may get a valuable tip on how to showcase your house for sale. If you are able to hear comments made by prospective buyers, try to listen without emotion, as you may gain valuable information that will assist you in selling your home to a new visitor.

Of course, savvy buyers will be less concerned with your decorating details and more concerned with the actual value of your home. How do you know what your home is really worth? Don’t just take your real estate agent’s word for it. For only $24.95, our HomeSmart Value Report provides you with a comprehensive valuation of your home. This information is essential in setting an appropriate asking price, and also in knowing what final price you’re willing to accept.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 5:13 am
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