Home For Sale By Owner

Ideally, you should take a long, objective look around the inside and outside of your home before putting it up for sale. Try to view the house with a critical eye, to see what may require repairs or a little sprucing up before your house is shown to potential buyers. Ask a trusted friend to be open and honest with you as you tour your house together, making a “to do” list with pen and paper.

Make a Positive Impression
Something as inexpensive as a fresh coat of paint can make a striking change in the appearance of the inside or outside of your house. On the other hand, loose or broken doorknobs or cabinet latches can be a turnoff for a potential buyer. If they find these kinds of problems, they may suspect that there are bigger surprises to be found elsewhere in the house. These are easy to fix and require only minimal skills, tools and time. Take the time to fix them.

Take a good long look at your flooring, particularly if potential buyers will view your home unfurnished. Replace old or stained carpet, or consider including a carpet allowance in the contract. Alternatively, you may be able to steam clean your carpet and make it presentable for prospective buyers. A clean, fresh home will not only impress prospects, but may assist you in negotiations during the transaction.

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Updated: December 20, 2017 — 5:14 am
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