Determine The Value Of Your Home

When selling your home, it’s often difficult to accurately choose an asking price. Emotional or subjective factors must be separated from the home valuation process, in order to sell your home in an efficient and timely manner, and to allow the greatest number of serious potential buyers to view your property listing.

Objectivity is Key
Making the decision to sell your home may create an emotionally charged situation. Typically, you are going through a lifestyle change, so don’t be surprised. Objectivity is key, so be sure to look at your home with a critical eye, and carefully evaluate the positive and negative features of its current condition. Act like you are a discerning buyer. The next step is to evaluate and consider home values in your neighborhood or surrounding area. What price would a similar size home command in your area, assuming the homes were equivalent in age and in comparable condition?

Evaluate the competing homes in your area by establishing a relationship with a real estate professional. Agents and realtors can assist you in determining the average selling prices of homes in your neighborhood. Naturally, you will want to evaluate more than one agent, if you decide to use an agent, before choosing a representative who meets your needs, and with whom you feel comfortable. Make them share their thoughts on value before you share yours thoughts with them.

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Updated: December 20, 2017 — 5:12 am
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