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May 18, 2018 6:44 am

How you can benefit from Pet Grooming done at your Home

Pets have to be groomed for two common reasons – hygienic care and cleaning. Basically, you get to enhance the physical appearance of your pet, such as a dog or cat, when you groom it. As a matter of fact, there are competitions including World Championships which are intended for the best-groomed dogs.


Indeed, grooming is a vital part of the health and well-being of your pet. Aside from making it look more appealing, it also improves its lifespan. As much as possible, it is recommended that you get yours groomed at least weekly, at the minimum. When it comes to dogs, the schedule of grooming would depend upon its breed. You have to take note of this before setting a plan for this activity.


More about Pet Grooming

The truth is pet grooming is not just a job for everyone. It is a skilled occupation that would require the knowledge of animal health issues. The person-in-charge must also be well-versed with the techniques and artistry of grooming for all these may have an impact on the coat and the skin of the dog. Furthermore, the groomers need to be Certified Animal Hygienists and Certified Master Groomers.


With the delicateness of the task, it is just right to hire a professional. This is when Likeable Pets comes to place. Likeable Pets is known for providing top-notch grooming services for its customers. What is even good is that the work may be completed at the comforts of your home. The company is also associated with certified groomers. They are professionally trained to handle and style different breeds of pets. You can be secured that your pets are in the right hand.


The Advantages of Mobile Pet Grooming

If you are from Singapore and you want to avail the services of Likeable Pets, here are some of the perks you and your pet will eventually enjoy in the long-run. Take a look at the following:

  • Since Likeable Pets intends to render the grooming service at the comforts of your home, you will be spared from the hassle of traveling back and forth. This will save you time, most especially if you are busy with work, among others.
  • Your pet will be given one-on-one attention with a mobile grooming service provider. As you can see, traditional pet salons attend to their clients all at the same time. You will not receive this kind of experience with Likeable Pets because the customers are handled one at a time. There is focus in the delivery of the service. That is the assurance.
  • The stress of your pet is most likely to be minimized. In most instances, the anxiety the dogs go through is when they have to leave their homes for grooming. This is not pleasurable in their end and you can always avoid this. The pet can relax with a mobile grooming service, so as you.


When it comes to taking care of your pets, you do not have to settle for second best. Consider this and the right company is surely waiting for you.

May 11, 2018 5:32 am

Qualities You Must Look for in a Real Estate Agent?

Usually, a real estate agent is an individual you will work with in case you are decided to buy or sell a property. Such individuals would take charge in showing you homes. They would assist in the negotiation on behalf of you, as their client. There are tons of them who generate income because of commissions. Most of them are termed as real estate brokers. These are acknowledged and licensed by the state of Singapore to manage transactions about real estate. It would be best to remember this upon visiting thetapestrycdl.sg.

As said, such individuals may help in the purchase of a real estate. As a matter of fact, they may even assist in the buying of a property and there may be a new launch here for sale. The mentioned may be found based on the business on land, the same is also true online. The idea is for you to get the most of what the real estate agent has to offer. In doing this, you just have to end up with the right person. What are the qualities you must look for?

Qualities You Have to Look for in an Agent


It is crucial that the person you will work with is properly licensed. This must be in the state which is ideal for the purposes of credibility and security.

Up to date with times

The best real estate agent must be capable of using various forms of technology available so that it becomes feasible to locate a house. This should also occur when there is a call to market it. For instance, there should be an agent who knows the power of internet and its influence. This would provide information and would attract most clients.

Full understanding of the market

Of course, you would want to be connected with a person who specialize in the buying and selling of a property to be launched for sale. Aside from this, the individual must be knowledgeable in negotiating with prices and handling contracts. Once a person is well-versed in this area, there will be a chance for the person to comprehend marketability, potential and neighborhood. This is going to save the individual time in having to obtain feedback from friends and members of the team.

Work with a communicator

There is nothing wrong in being associated with a person who has the ability to deliver and update clients with what is going on. This is one quality that many agents do not have. It is almost surprising that there are agents out there who do not know how to reach out to their clients when in fact there are many ways in doing so with the presence of phones, emails and social media websites. There would be potential losses in here once there is no communication.

If you intend to find the best condo in Singapore, you can always consider working with a professional agent to not have a hard time in the process.

April 16, 2018 9:49 am

How to Understand Investment Property in Singapore

Here is the thing – there are tons of individuals out there who find themselves having to look for reliable information which is based on properties and real estate for sale. With this, it is not surprising that they seek for prestige condo. To rent or even lease may be difficult for those who do not know what they are trying to get into. Indeed, this is going to be an easier task to finish. The call for a concept on house selling has always been around for years. It would only depend on the person to use it wisely.

For sure, to anyone who intends to invest in a property, profitable agreement is crucial and necessary. This should be applied both to the asset and property owned. To earn an assurance on a particular deal, it would just be worthy to consider factors to succeed in the venture. This is when a real estate agent comes in.

There is nothing to worry because there is usually guidelines and information that may guide the individual in buying or selling. The services offered by these experts are not easy though. For sure, they would keep in mind that the client obtains the most of the percentage once an agreement has been arrived at. Another to take note is that they would offer and authenticate decisions for both parties and they would have to be maintained in the most neutral way. Isn’t this interesting?

Is it Worth it?

Is the common question of those who are planning to pursue but are afraid to do so. This endeavor can be challenging. Most of the time, the conditions and perspectives of many buyers of local property have to be taken into account. The investor would have to base the knowledge on the market which is also connected to the values of real estate. What else has to be remembered here?
In Singapore for example, the investment on properties has always been profitable and satisfactory. This occurs because the city comes with high quality of recreational centers, shopping centers, skyscraper offices, public amenities, schools and eateries.

There are so many residential apartments in the country and they are built by prominent property developers. They follow world class standards that attract many individuals. It is also possible to earn and win seafront views which are excellent to buyers who are into this kind of ambiance.

The promises made by the real estate in Singapore cannot be ignored. If this is to be based on numbers, it is definitely not surprising why. It is not a mystery why the real estate industry in the said market prospers. If one will only take a look at its economy, it would not be rocket science to understand. This is usually linked on the gross domestic product of the country which only rises annually. This fact fuels the market of the country. The policies which are also effective can be another factor. No wonder why people are not afraid to invest.

March 28, 2018 3:14 am

The Laws in Buying a Property in Singapore

There are laws which govern the ownership of real-estate in Singapore. These are intended for a transparent and fair standard. Such occurs because there has been an escalation in the pricing. Regardless, it would favor most citizens to know into what extent they can actually work on in the buying. Learning about the rules that cover this type of undertaking should work well in foreign investment too.

The Laws in Genera Buying and Selling

Upon looking, it can be learned that there really is a principal legal instrument which features the purchasing of real estate. This content is found on Residential Property Act or RPA. When it comes to the selling of property though, the overriding laws are stipulated by the Housing Developers Act or the Control and Licensing. The same is also true with the Sale of Commercial Properties Act.

How Does Foreign Investment and Ownership Work?

Foreigners are usually not allowed to buy a residential property in the country they are in provided that it is allowed in the place they are in. Mostly, residential titles for a building or even an approved condominium building should be in the approval of the Minister of Law. There are instances when an application may be favored. This can transpire if the foreign buyer is now a permanent resident or a qualified professional who is dubbed to have a big contribution in the welfare of the community. If this is perceived to be existing, and then there would not be any problems at all.

Other Provisions

Here are the other provisions that may have to be considered:

  • Foreigners are usually not allowed to own a restricted residential if they want to do it in mortgage, re-conveyance or charge.
  • There is in no way in which the property may be offered as a gift for a fellow foreigner.
  • Transactions entered by foreigners should not contravene with that of the Residential Property Act or else it will only be dubbed as void and null and it will come with no effect at all.
  • Foreigners are also restricted to purchasing a land in Singapore, but they can on the Sentosa island.
  • There are still other legal restrictions on the ownership and purchase of real estate provided by Singapore and it would help to review them.

When it comes to property, the laws in Singapore are most likely to be favoring their citizens more. Basically, they are empowered to acquire and own lands. Most foreigners and organizations only have a limited ability in securing a real estate property.

It is known as a fact that Singapore is a modern country. These demands before one could be given the chance to purchase a property are just reasonable. As a matter of fact, in Singapore, you are unlikely to stumble upon buyers who would work with mediocre real estate companies and agents. This is not going to occur in the real estate scene of the said country. That is for sure.

March 14, 2018 2:59 am

The Right Mindset to Succeed in Real Estate

Here is the truth – our life usually follows what we look forward to and expect. While it is hard to believe for some, this usually happens. Basically, what you give is what you are going to get. As this is the idea, you may have to change the way you think so that you obtain favorable results. Sounds hard, right? But it is basically effective and it may work for you. That is for sure!

The idea is that you program your mind so that you become successful. Well, it is not rocket science to understand that it is not going to happen automatically, just because you wanted it. Each and every day, you must decide to live with an attitude that is welcoming of good things. Afterward, you have to conceive it on the inside and it will surely echo on the outside. Yes, it is all in the mind!

How Do You Set Up Your Mind Accordingly?

Here are some of the things that you have to think about if you want good things to come your way. Please consider these:

  • First of all, you have to begin your day with expectancy and faith. This is the start of you anticipating good things. While you try to be optimistic, please be ready for the fact that circumstances may not always be in your favor. There are individuals who might go out to help you though, so this should not be a problem at all. Always be in the right place and at the right time. This is what you have to look forward to.
  • There will be times when voice would whisper in your mind. This is normal. There are times when you would feel like what you are doing does not have any point at all, but do not let those circumstances get you. This is a part of it all. What you have to do is to stand up from these doubts and try to really make it good. These are lies anyway.
  • It is easier to understand that our expectations would definitely set boundaries for our lives. This only means that we cannot have a larger life if we are bound by our attitudes. You have to understand that we are made to be unique. That our perspectives are intended to be different from one another. There are individuals who feel overwhelmed when they have troubles. They can have difficulty believe that anything good is still going to happen but yes, it can still happen, regardless of how we look at it.

Going into the real estate industry may be challenging. It is not easy. There are instances when it can be pretty demanding too. If you will not set the tone right from the very beginning, you might get lost and you might be discouraged thinking that it will not work. It does not have to be like that. It is always in you. Think right!

February 28, 2018 5:58 am

The Financial Considerations in Purchasing a Home

It is known as a fact that a house has always been a big financial asset. As a matter of fact, it may do alone. There are tons of individuals out there who surely understand this. For most potential owners, considering the recognition and evaluation should be undertaken so that they may succeed in the selection. Basically, a potential homeowner must try his or her best to look professional. His or her creditworthiness must also be taken care of. Afterwards, adjustments and steps have to be made.

Indeed, the aspects to consider should be briefly examined and discussed. There are so many things to think of most especially as far as the finances are concerned. What are these?

The Aspects to Think About

Here are the factors that must be looked at when it comes buying the right home for you. Please think about all of these:

  • Down-payment – Depending on the factors involved, and the percentage required directed to a down-payment, securing a mortgage then becomes possible. However, what has to be paid as an upfront differs. Generally, there is a conventional amount of 20%. This means that in the security of the mortgage, there is a need to pay primarily. This should work well with better terms.
  • Other expenses needed – When a home is closed, there is indeed a ton of closing costs that can be expected in the coming. This will be experienced by the new homeowner. The owner is said to be reimbursing here. Such is directed for the amount of the oil and the prepaid taxes as well. These are going to feature real estate taxes too. There may also be an escrow payment. This is a requirement for lending institutions out there. They may ask for the prepayment of items which should occur for around 6 months.
  • Mortgage payment – When it comes to your monthly mortgage payment, there are other fees that may have to be addressed such as interest, principal, and escrow. A future homeowner has to examine this so that the transaction becomes comfortable.
  • Emergency reserves – The best way to be in preparation for unexpected challenges is to be ready for them. You can do this by committing to a monthly payment. A reserve fund must be made available in case there is a need to use it. This has to be accumulated for the purpose of contingencies and nothing else. Among them are shortages, emergencies, repairs, contingencies, and renovations. These are necessary and they must be planned for whatever it is worth.

Needless to say, securing your own home and property is not easy. While this is true, you can be assured that the whole endeavor is purposeful and fruitful in the end. This is the best part of it. It would only take a matter of finding the right deal for you. Once you have, you will surely be freed from trouble and concerns. Please give this time. If you must research, then so be it! There is nothing wrong in doing such. Just ensure that you do your homework as much as you can!

February 14, 2018 2:52 am

Duo key condominium unit in Singapore

Dual key condos units are apartments with two separate living space and have 2 or 3 bedrooms with an attached one bedroom apartment or studio unit. These units are found under executive condos and private condos. Some dual key flats come with 2 kitchens spaces while other come with a microwave/oven for simple cooking.

What makes duo key condos popular?

Passive income while enjoying the luxuries of a condo
Most people would love to experience the perks that come with private properties, be it an apartment or a condominium s, but usually shudder at the thought of large mortgage payments. With a due key, you can get rental income while you still get the luxuries that come with condo living.

More privacy that HDB flats

Some families, more so those with children, prefer a home with privacy (no sharing bathroom, kitchen, etc.) With a dual key unit, your family and the tenant will have personal access to bathroom and kitchen, granting you the much-needed privacy.
Restriction of the Singapore real estate cooling measures
Currently, if you buy a second property, there are several restrictions e.g. additional stamp duty and lower loan amount imposed on the owner. With a dual condo, you technically own one unit that acts as two properties since you can rent one out.

So who utilize the dual key condominiums?
Owner of the dual key unit, who mostly live in the main living space and rent out the studio/one bedroom.

Savvy singles who prefer to live in one bedder and rent out the larger space with 2 or 3 bedrooms for higher monthly rent income.

Entrepreneurs who work at home prefer to use the unit as an office or study room. Note that for this to happen, you need to follow the guideline as per URA for operating a home office.

So, is it wise to buy a dual key apartment?

Just like with other properties, your decision of whether to or not buy a dual key apartment is a subject to internal and external factors. Here are the basic concepts to consider when purchasing a dual key condominium in Singapore.

The proximity to amenities, private and social.

Does the apartment have cooking facilities? If not, is there any eateries nearby?
The distance to social amenities such as public transport, recreational facilities will affect your decision. For instance, if your apartment is isolated from these amenities, it will be difficult for other people to rent out space in the key unit.

Living space

Not all key dual condos are similar. Some have 1 bedroom in a loft style. If your unit is this style, survey the near key units and see is tenants are okay with this setup.

Lower quantum due to total PSF

When purchasing a private property, the larger the unit, the lower the price per square foot. From the definition, dual key units have more space and are therefore cheaper than purchasing 2 separate units.

February 5, 2018 3:38 am

HDB housing plan in Singapore

80% of Singapore young population lives in government-built flats. What is the reason behind such a high percentage? Well, Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) is the government department behind the irresistible house subsidies. Unlike a majority of other countries where they show off their public-housing project, none is quite devoted as Singapore.

A brief history of HDB

HDB was formed in 1960 and is responsible for city planning. The agency started by building rental housing for needy families but now has switched to building apartment for sales to the general public. Early HDB flats were made as 1, 2 or 3 room and categorized as an emergency, improved, standard, new generation, and simplified houses.

Currently, there is about 1m apartment. Most of these are apartments clusters around two dozen new towns encompassing the coastal city core. When constructed, the government sold them to first time home buyers at a lower than market price. However, a successful applicant must wait an average of 3 years for their houses to be completed.

Alternatively, Singaporean can opt to buy existing HDB apartment directly from the previous owners at whichever the price the seller deem fit. A three-bedroom flat built this year in an outlying suburb cost $270,000 on average. First time home buyers get the house with $75,000 off the purchase price. Buying a similar house built by private developers can cost three times as much.

How does the government come up with the fund for such houses?

The money Singaporeans use to buy houses in subsidized flats is part of Central Provident Fund (CPF). This is a mandatory national-0saving scheme into which majority of working citizens must pay 20% of their salaries per month to facilitate. For employers, there is a further 17% to contribute. Citizens are allowed to down a portion of their savings to use as deposits when buying HBD apartment. There is also cheap mortgages provided by HDB.

By many measures, the HDB system is a massive success as proved by virtually no homelessness in Singapore. The apartments are drab in looks, but they are clean, safe and spacious enough. The HDB housing is affordable compared to accommodation in London, Hong Kong, and other major cities. In return, the treasury gains something to pool at the national treasury. IN 2016/2017 the project contributed to 2.4% of the national budget.

Politically HDB is one of the major reason why People’s Action Party is still in power. Admirers say that it’s no surprise that the party has won peoples votes and trust by providing them affordable housing. The HDB system is also a way to keep Singaporean n check. Strict rules must adhere to those who seek to buy the HDB flats.

HDB aims to provide affordable, quality homes, ensure vibrant towns and prioritize in building cohesive communities within Singapore towns. The policies and schemes formulated under this department are meant to meet the changing needs and aspirations of Singaporeans. They are planned to support the country objectives such as strengthening family ties, focusing on needs of elderly, need of those under financial difficulties and maintaining racial harmony.

January 31, 2018 7:53 am

The Benefits of Having Accurate Real Estate Appraisals Done in Singapore.

Real estate appraisal is the practice of having a professional appraiser evaluate a property to form a professional opinion of the true value of the property. In this regard, the appraisal report is used as a marker or indicator of the actual value of the property for purposes of lending against the property, selling the property, buying the property or tax evaluation or assessment.

It goes without saying that utmost accuracy in the appraisal process should be maintained. However, herein we will take a look at the benefits that you accrue from having an accurate appraisal conducted.

Benefit #1

For property sellers, accurate appraisals give them a firm basis for setting a fair price of for their property. An accurate assessment negates the possibility of overpricing your property, resulting in reduced probability of attracting customers.

It also reduces the possibility of under-valuing your property thus ensuring that the seller gets returns that reflect the true value of the property.

Benefit #2

An accurate appraisal ensures that the property owner pays appropriate property taxes to the local government.

If the value of the property has fallen in recent times, it pays to have your property accurately appraised. After that, you can use the appraisal report to have your property reassessed to a more appropriate tax value, thus reducing your tax burdens.

Benefit # 3

If you intend to purchase any property, an accurate appraisal ensures that you get a good deal. Understanding the true market value of the property in question goes a long way in helping you negotiate a fair price.

It is typical for property owners to value their property subjectively due to the emotional attachment they have to the property. Accurate appraisals ensure that the price you pay for a property is arrived at objectively. It also ensures that subjective qualities play as little as possible in the value of the property.

Benefit # 4

Finally, having an accurate appraisal conducted is important in when borrowing against one’s property. It gives the borrower a clear value of the property, unlike some of the appraisal reports that the lenders push to be used.

It is common for some lenders to inflate the value of the property or undervalue the property, depending on their endgame. An accurate appraisal report will protect you tremendously while borrowing against your property.

Elements that characterize accurate appraisals to look for

An accurate appraisal should contain at least three basic parts:

The Inspection – Inspection phase is the bit where the appraiser, who should be impartial and not interested in the outcome of the process, inspects the size of the property, the function, the condition and quality of the house.
The Comparison – The comparison bit is where the appraiser researches the value of properties in the vicinity as well as the value of recent sales of properties within the vicinity.
The Final Report – This is the final bit where the appraiser uses the information gathered from the two-step above to form an opinion on the value of the property as well as issuing the appraisal report.

December 20, 2017 6:58 am

Whats The Value Of My Home

How can you make sure you don’t get taken advantage of when you sell your home? This is a question most homeowners ask themselves, and the answer is simple: don’t assume you know more than you do. Ask for help from experienced professionals and get as much information as possible on your own.

Think Smart
The process of selling your home can be complex and fraught with emotion and confusion. One of the best ways you can protect yourself and streamline the process is by listing your home with a real estate agent. Your agent will handle a lot of the headaches associated with property shows, open houses and a wide variety of paperwork. Additionally, your agent will pick up the cost of marketing expenses, and this alone may save you what you will pay the agent in commission-based fees.

Another way you can protect yourself is by having as much objective, high-quality information as possible. This website provides a wealth of information about buying and selling homes, so we encourage you to bookmark our site and refer to us often for helpful advice and information.

In addition to general homeowner and seller info, you need specific information about the value of your home, in order to make educated decisions prior to and during negotiations. The HomeSmart Value Report provides information beyond what your real estate agent can gather for you by providing an actual value estimate of the property that interests you. This detailed and comprehensive report uses the same statistical analysis models that mortgage lenders have used for years. Protect yourself by obtaining as much information as possible, and order your HomeSmart Value Report today.

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